GS25 Expands Into New Markets

GS25, a Korean convenience store chain, is expanding into new markets. Its first store in Malaysia is set to open next year. In Ulaanbaatar, it already has 79 stores. In a bid to remain competitive, the company has improved its design and updated the store layout. It has implemented a mobile remote management system for its stores.

GS25 is one of the biggest convenience store chains in South Korea

One of the biggest convenience store chains in South Korea, GS25, is looking for a fresh brand identity. It wants to expand its range of products and services beyond snacks and drinks. It is battling stiff competition from fast-growing e-commerce businesses, as well as consumer demand for one-stop shopping. The latest innovation by GS25 is the installation of electronic kiosks, which can perform a variety of tasks. These include copying documents, faxing, and printing resident registration documents.

The Korean company will open its first convenience stores in Malaysia in early 2016. The company has partnered with Malaysian retail giant KK Group, to expand into Malaysia. GS25 will open its first outlet there next year, and the two companies plan to open 500 more in five years. The Malaysian convenience store market has a growth rate of about 17 percent per year.

It has 79 stores in Ulaanbaatar

South Korean convenience store chain GS25 has begun operations in Mongolia, its second country outside of South Korea. Currently operating three branches in Ulaanbaatar, GS25 will expect to open another 100 outlets in the next four years. It will compete with rival South Korean brand CU, which launched operations in the country in 2018 and operates more than 100 stores.

GS25 has opened three stores in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city. The company has now opened 70 stores, and aims to double that number by year’s end. Meanwhile, CU has opened about 100 stores in Malaysia and plans to reach 500 outlets within the next five years.

It will open its first store in Malaysia next year

The Korean convenience store GS25 is set to open its first Malaysian branch in 2023. The company plans to expand its network to 500 stores within five years. It has already established branches in Vietnam and Mongolia. The company plans to expand in the region, where there is a growing demand for fresh foods and convenience items.

The South Korean convenience store chain GS25 and the Malaysia-based KK Group have signed a memorandum of understanding, which will see a single GS25 store opened by next year. GS25 will act as a master franchisee for the KK Group and plans to open up to 500 convenience stores within five years. Malaysia has a population of 33 million people and the convenience store industry has been growing at an annual rate of 10 percent.

It has a mobile remote management system

GS25 has a mobile remote management app that will allow store managers to monitor their stores in real time. This new technology will allow managers to monitor customer activity and manage volume levels. It will also allow store operators to make announcements to customers. This new technology is part of a new management strategy for the company.

The convenience store industry is undergoing a digital transformation and local retailers are rushing to open stores that feature modern retail technologies. The latest store from GS25 is the GS25 DX LAB, which opened in southern Seoul on Thursday. It features the latest in retail technology including face recognition and artificial intelligence. It can recognize a customer’s age and gender, and recommend products based on their preferences.

It offers a half-priced delivery service

The new “half-priced” delivery service by convenience store chain GS25 is a great way to save money on everyday purchases. With prices as low as half-priced, the service offers customers up to 65 percent off on items, as long as they visit the store where they picked up the package. Delivery typically takes about four days.

The delivery service is currently offered at about 2,000 convenience stores in South Korea. The company partnered with the country’s top mobile messenger app KakaoTalk to start offering this service, with initial expansion plans for 1,200 locations starting this March. Other smaller convenience store chains have followed suit.

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