How to Become a Tattoo Designer

Tattoo Designer must know many things to be able to provide customers with quality 낙서타투 work. They should also be familiar with graphic design and the importance of color, shape, and texture. This way, they can create unique pieces that will last a lifetime. Apprentices should also learn as much as they can about tattoo design and theory.


The Inksquad app allows you to create new tattoo designs, add existing images, or draw on existing images. It also connects you to local tattoo parlors, and allows you to book appointments with them. It also offers a community for tattoo fans and artists, so you can network and find the perfect artist.

To use Inksquad, you’ll need a mobile device with an Internet connection. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be presented with a gallery of tattoo designs. You can zoom and rotate the pictures to see how they will look on your body. It will take about five minutes to become familiar with the app’s menus.

The app is free and designed to make tattoo design easy and fun. The user interface is simple and beautiful, and you’ll be able to customize your design to match your personality. It is available in six different languages, so it’s possible to find the perfect design for your tattoo.


The name London Reese is recognizable in the tattoo world as a leading color portraiture and illustrative tattoo artist. His new video web series, Backstage Ink, shows him in action, creating tattoos on some big name clients including athletes, pop culture stars, musicians, and more.

Reese hails from north county san diego and has appeared on TV shows such as tattoo nightmares and chicago black ink. She currently owns and operates The Edge Ink Tattoo Studio in California. She completed formal training in art at the Academy of Art University. Her Instagram account boasts more than 170,000 followers.

London Reese’s impressive work has received awards and been featured on SpikeTv’s Tattoo Nightmares Miami. He currently works from a private studio in North County San Diego. His style is characterized by clean execution and beautiful color saturation. His tattoos have caught the attention of tattoo collectors from around the world.

Clifford Wong

Clifford Wong, tattoo designer, is a rising star in Singapore’s tattoo scene. He studied Applied Drama and Psychology in Singapore Polytechnic. He originally planned to continue his studies in NIE and become a literature teacher, but changed his mind and became a tattoo designer. His portfolio includes a variety of blackwork and dotwork designs.

His work has earned him several accolades and a following. His tattoos blend neo-traditional and modern styles and are inspired by popular animal themes. His Instagram page is active and is home to clean, bold, and contemporary black-ink tattoo illustrations. The Bold Fox also holds flash sales on Friday the 13th, where customers can get tattoos for just $13 or $31 a piece.

His work is unique in that it’s very detailed. His linework is quite different from the style of other tattoo artists in Singapore. His educational background translates well to his work, and he quickly established himself as a standout in the scene. Though he is an apprentice at the moment, he’s already building a strong following on social media.

Peter Aurisch

Peter Aurisch is a German tattoo artist and painter who has worked within the avant-garde currents of art. He has taken cubism and the principles of geometric abstraction and transformed them into tattoo designs, creating unique deconstructions of modern life. His work resembles the work of famous artists such as Picasso, Klimt, and Egon Schiele.

Aurisch works out of his own studio in Berlin. His tattoo designs are often abstract, combining colorful and unusual elements. His style is contemporary, complementing an artistic personality and the person wearing them. Tattoos by Peter Aurisch combine bold colors with intricate line work to create a stunning tattoo design.

While tattoos by Peter Aurisch are often inspired by natural elements, they are also inspired by the cubist art movement of the early 20th century. Cubist artists would study a scene and compose an abstract image by arranging the scene with “cubes.” Pablo Picasso was one of the most famous cubists. His nude portraits and abstract pieces of artwork still intrigue people one hundred years later.

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