Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)

Retinitis Pigmentosa or (RP) is believed to be the result of mutations of multiple genes. It is rod-cone dystrophy; 60 to 80 percent with RA inherit it by autosomal recessive transmission. These mutations cause a breakdown of the photoreceptors in the retina of the eye. The various results and problems with this disease are:

  • night blindness
  • pigmentation changes in the retina
  • narrowing of the field and loss of vision
  • decrease of acuity
  • photophobia
  • progressive constriction of the visual field

Typically, acuity is severely affected in later stages when macular changes and glare from posterior subscalpular cataracts may cause moderate to severe vision loss. The individual has difficulty making the transition between different levels of lighting due to decreased rod-cone function.

Although RP is related to the generation of the photoreceptors in the eye the “cause” is blamed on genetic mutations. However, the damage can be either alleviated or halted through alliterations in both internal and external environment.

External Environment

  • gene based treatments are now being researched
  • limiting exposure to light is helpful
  • visual field enhancement — tint evaluation
  • orientation and mobility training
  • glare control and illumination
  • riding the environment of chemical and electro-magnetic toxins

Internal Environment

The brain and eyes account for only 2% of body weight but utilize 25% of nutrients intake. According to James Gormley (DHA, A Good Fat–Essential for Life, New Kensington Books, 1999), Dr. Royal Lee and others, the internal environment can play a significant role in both preventing and reversing eye diseases. The factors to be considered in the internal environment are:

  • digestion
  • metabolism
  • endocrine balance
  • toxicity
  • proper nutrition
  • elimination
  • fatty acid metabolism because of the connection to membrane health

In other words, internal balance must be achieved. Also, Dr. Royal Lee gave to the world the greatest healing gifts ever given: whole food vitamins–you cannot buy a real vitamin in any store–and Protomorphogens–(PMGs)–PMGs are the blueprints for each cell type. These are taken from animal tissues and used to “re-program” that particular tissue type to regenerate normal healthy tissue. We have one for the retina of the eye.

I use concentrated nutrients, PMGs, and herbs to facilitate the healing process. Healing is individual and there are no certainties in healing because in reality you heal yourself. Granted the nutrients greatly facilitate the healing process, but you are the healer.

Healing is a complex art and must be taken in steps to be effective. Digestion, metabolism and elimination need to be addressed as well as toxicity and cleansing. Other issues are endocrine gland balance and organ support. RP is not a problem, but result of an underlying imbalance even if there is a genetic tendency toward the disease. For more information visit our website at

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