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The common misconception that obesity is just about weak-willed people overeating is just that – a misconception. Obesity, a very complex issue, is frustrating for the individual as well as for the health care professional. Over-eating does play a part in the cycle of obesity, but it is by far not the only factor. Obesity is caused in large part by eating copious amounts of toxic chemicals passing as foods and eating inadequate whole foods. It is not just a simple matter of consuming more calories than is expended, nor is obesity merely a matter of excess pounds. It is a question of physical, mental and physiological well-being and normal body metabolism. It is not just a question of excess pounds but more an issue of internal health and balance.

The physical body is an intelligent organism with many checks and balances. These checks and balances are maintained primarily by the endocrine glands (pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, etc.) These glands function “interdependently” somewhat like a mobile—when one is out of balance or disturbed, the others are affected. Endocrine glands are the masters of the physical body having roots in the subtle energy field. They are the computers of the bodily processes and back up all organs and other glands. To function properly, the endocrine glands are extremely dependent on whole food vitamins and organic minerals. The “normal” American diet of processed fake foods does not provide adequate nutrients to keep these glands balanced and healthy. The results of imbalances are chronic disease, obesity and premature aging. Remember from my past articles that you cannot purchase whole food vitamins and minerals in stores. They have to come from foods or supplements of whole foods processed to maintain vitamin content.

Most standard medical tests are not sensitive enough to pick up minor imbalances in the endocrine glands and other organs—these small imbalances can cause major problems. I use CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) to test the body to pick up potential imbalances and problems. CRA tests the body’s subtle energy fields in a safe non-invasive way. I became certified in this methodology at Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas.

The internal organs and glands become balanced when the body is rid of toxic waste chemicals and provided with proper nutrition. Whole food supplements can greatly support this process. Also, digestion, assimilation and metabolism are benefited so that the individual has a much easier time losing weight. Life-style changes not only support weight management but also bring the body back to health. Eating toxic chemicals robs the body of vital nutrients, increases the toxic load and causes chronic disease and obesity. Diets devoid of vital nutrients tempt the individual to eat more calories trying to obtain enough nutrition to survive. The vicious cycle continues as fatigue, depression and disease take up residence.

There are 2 broad categories of factors relating to obesity—exogenous (factors relating to our direct control and endogenous (factors not in our direct control.)

Exogenous Factors

  • Over-eating processed chemical laden “food” devoid of nutritional components
  • Under-eating nutritious fresh whole foods
  • Lack of regular exercise
  • Negative mental and emotional states

Endogenous Factors

  • Poor digestion
  • Improper assimilation and metabolism
  • Toxemia resulting from the above and exogenous factors
  • Genetic influences
  • Imbalances in the organs and glands from all factors

The thyroid in conjunction with other endocrine glands control body temperature. The temperature can fall due to sluggish thyroid. Fall in temperature means diminished combustion which means an increased storage of fat.

The ideal program for obesity is multi-dimensional, including diet, exercise, whole food supplements and herbs. There are mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well. Balancing the internal body supports the process and makes it much easier to lose weight. I also use energy techniques to help facilitate this process.

However, losing weight should not be the primary focus: The goal is to become healthier and more balanced. Forget the scales—find a program that is right for you. Fad diets do not work over the long haul; neither do the high protein and/or high fat diets. They are detrimental to overall health.

A large part of a successful program is forming a positive healthy relationship to your diet, your health program and yourself in general. Let your intuition guide you to the program that is best for you, but remember that healing takes time.

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